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My poetic works.


Wanderings with Poetry
Peacock Books, 2007.
ISBN: 9788124801550
Pages: 103, paperback.

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Song of a Bard and Other Poems
Prestige Books, 2005.
ISBN: 8175511656
Pages: 112, hardbound.

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More on Wanderings with Poetry
On the book jacket
Wanderings with Poetry, with around 380 short poems, portrays a colourful insight into the vast diverse world that we live in, by subtly deciphering profound thoughts into plain little lines. The language draws its strength from rationality and wisdom. The words strive to achieve timelessness even while considering contemporary viewpoints on subjects like travel, love, lust, spirituality, success and leisure. Collectively structured to attain a distinct yet diverse voice, the poems make for pleasurable reading.

All of us discover time and again that we do breath an occasional faint thought that somehow has crossed our minds, captivating us. And when we decipher that experience into words, we realise we have written poetry.

Many a time I chance upon little events, trivial realisations and vague imaginations that I feel to give a form by enunciating them. All the while, I end up roaming where I never been. I have learnt to respect whatever that can be thought, never to reject the basis for any viewpoint and never to denounce what cannot be personally embraced. Meanwhile, as I still continue to hear what can be written, here is some verse for you...

Wanderings with Poetry is my second book and I see myself evolving with it. I have tried that the ideas that are splashed around here have a collective vibrant charm. Individually each of these verses may sometimes appear inane and simple but they together can turn out to be carelessly beautiful like a long refreshing saunter across the familiar and the unknown. Few are pure play with words, few others are mere experimentations and the rest are those hard truths that happen to hit anyone in the face who ventures out to seek his meaning. Hope you enjoy this collection, set in vast colourful Indian playfield.

A must read for those who intend to learn truths of philosophical nature without touching thick books...

- The Tribune, December 16, 2007. Link.

More on Song of a Bard and Other Poems
On the book jacket
Song of a Bard and Other Poems is the first compilation of poems by Dilip Sankarreddy. Things perceived, believed, imagined and practised never do really exist though they in fact thrive in the minds of the people and society. It is said that the world is how the world is understood. And while attempting to decipher better, Song of a Bard and Other Poems, in three sections, enthralls the reader. The collection ranges from different subjects, in their many ways, from love to mundane realities, little truths called by the poet as "Grains".

My poetic expression is the outcome of my strong urge to articulate my muse. This is my first collection of poems and I have touched upon varied subjects. Put forth in three sections, Song of a Bard and Other Poems is an attempt to see things that exist in reality but are seen as abstractions.

The first section brings out different views as seen by souls living in different ways of existence while the second section touches upon the ever complex, yet beautiful subject-love. The third section has a group of little lines titled Grains. One of Nature's gifts to us is grain. It exists not just for our nourishment but is in fact a seed of our very sustenance. In different forms, where no two are the same, each grain tells its own story. But it is upon us to decipher its tales.

Section A :
  1. A drink together
  2. A prayer
  3. A reason to sing
  4. Adjurations
  5. Before the bombing
  6. Bouncing back
  7. Call of the playground
  8. Cards on the table
  9. Can we not?
  10. Drink my men
  11. Ego
  12. Ego - 2
  13. Escape to return
  14. Grimace
  15. He breathed his last
  16. How I wish
  17. Invaders
  18. Let me remain a poet
  19. Living with the stars
  20. Maaya
  21. Marching along
  22. Musings
  23. My travels
  24. Play of Time
  25. Prayer of a sage
  26. Questions
  27. Reverie
  28. Requests - 2
  29. Sage and explorer
  30. Sand Linga
  31. Selfish devotion
  32. Soul speaks
  33. Sounds of past
  34. The beggar in me
  35. The thief
  36. To my friend
  37. Turnarounds
  38. Unbroken fetters
  39. Vendor of wares
  40. What can be called yours
  41. When death seems silly
  42. Wither must he should
  43. Writings of a ghost
  44. Your judge is you
Section B:
  1. A flower on the way
  2. A moment of truth
  3. As I set my journey homeward
  4. Chronicled dreams of a silent lover
  5. Companion
  6. Disguised truths
  7. Far and apart
  8. I can hear
  9. I feel to
  10. I pluck not the roses
  11. Indefatigable me
  12. Just tell you love me once
  13. Lady on the porch
  14. Lets run away
  15. Love me back
  16. Lovers on Lookout
  17. Nothing but you
  18. Of all the things...
  19. Pearls of love
  20. Rendezvous?
  21. Requests
  22. Rested flows
  23. See my love for you
  24. Song of a bard
  25. Together forever
  26. Unspoken thoughts
  27. Your well-wisher
Section C:
  • Grains
... Many think that poetry is a hard nut too difficult to crack. But when you read Dilip’s poetry, I think many start playing with the muse and forget to be a critic... Dilip has written verses, rather I must say lyrics, in his own style and his creations are very simple in expressions. Is he trying to prove that writing poetry is as simple as “Song of a Bard”? You must read it to know the answer...

- Poets International (ISSN: 0971-4227), June 2005 Edition.

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